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The meals are so delicious and easy to prepare

My kids actually look forward to dinner now. I feel like a kitchen hero 🙂

I can’t get over how easy it is to make a great dinner every night now! 

My husband and I have stopped arguing over who’s going to make dinner. Sounds silly, but it used to be a big deal in our relationship. Thanks for creating this.

Light and Fit has helped us lose a combined 42 lbs! We’re eating low calorie dinners that taste great – I wish I knew about this years ago!

Thanks for adding the ingredient helper  links – they’re so helpful when I’m shopping. I’ve learned so much that I was helping a lady find veggies in the grocery store last week.

This is the best value I’ve ever gotten from $2. Love DinnerDork so much!

These dinners are so much better than what we were eating before!